Hey everyone, Captain Kip Grunloh here with the May 4th, 2015 fishing report. I had an awesome couple from Brazil today, we fished Lake Toho – Orlando for six hours and caught some nice fish. The wind really picked up this afternoon so fishing got a little tough…we still caught some nice fish though. Diana […]

Well this is Captain Robert E. Miley leaving Lake Ida in the sunny South Florida on this wet Wednesday. Temperature 79 degrees and it drizzled all day. I had the opportunity to take Dan Mahoney, Trey and Tom fishing today and they had an awesome trip. We caught approximately 15 Peacock bass, probably could of […]

Hi everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in from…you guessed it! Belle Glade, FL! South east corner of the lake. Mostly cloudy all day and believe it or not even though we are at the end of April it has been windy lately, blowing towards the north west…we had a cold front today.  It […]

Hi this is Captain Mark Shepard with your April 20th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Folks out in the water with Larry and Mark from Indiana, good ol’ country folks. I was born in the Indiana and Ohio border line so I was familiar with the area. We spent two days together, two days of […]

Hello this is Captain Robert E Miley fishing Aerojet Canal. It is a really cool 97 degree day here in sunny South Florida. You norther fellas come down and enjoy a little of this hot weather, the peacock bass are biting! I was at Aerojet Canal today, I fished with Mr. Lennhart, Ted and Ray…they were […]

This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for my afternoon trip on the St. Johns River. I guided Brian and his brother Brad from South Carolina on the St. Johns River this afternoon. It was my second trip of the day, we took off at 1 o’clock. About 1:30 p.m quarter to 2 […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech and this fishing report is for the week I spent in Lake Toho – Orlando. I had a bunch different customers all week long, everyday. We caught a heck of a lot of fish, it was a show! We caught a couple of 7 pounders, one over 8 pounds and […]

Hi this is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the April 24th 2015 fishing report for the St. Johns River. This morning I had a 4-hour trip with Amy from Pennsylvania, she is a repeat customer of mine. We went out and she caught around 8 bass in the 4 pound range. She had a good time, […]

This is Captain Dave Lauer with your Lake Ida fishing report for April 15th, 2015. Today I had my best clients out of Delray Beach Florida, Jeff White and his friend David. These guys are the biggest fish enthusiasts I have ever met and when they get in the water you realize how patient they are. […]

This is Captain Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee April 12th, 2015 fishing report. Well folks group trip with Nathan and his friends. Today we mixed it up a little bit, still had Luis on board, Mike and had a new guy named John the first part of the day. We went through 8-dozen […]