Florida Fishing with Chad and Jamie from South Carolina for 3 days This is Captain Steve reporting for the 3 days fishing I took Chad and Jamie from South Carolina on. First day and we had when out on St Johns river, talked about it the other night and we ended up going to Rodman […]

South Carolina Newlyweds on St Johns River Fishing This Captain Steve with today’s fishing report. I guided Chad and Jamie newlyweds from South Carolina out on the St Johns River today. It was the first day of a (3) three day fishing trip were going to be having. We’re gonna be going up to Rodman […]

St Johns River Astor Fishing Report with Capt Steve This is Captain Steve, today I guided Chris and his son gain from Southern Indiana on the St Johns River in the Astor area. I’ve got our guided trip in before the storms came, we had about (8) eight fish, large bass and lost a few […]

Johns Lake Produces for Bass Pro Shops Customer Appreciation Winner Hi Captain Tony summers here, talk to you live from Central Florida area, just north of west Orlando. Today had the pleasure of the taking out Tommy and Ron McManus today. They were recipients of customer appreciation night at Bass Pro Shops in Orlando and they […]

We just had a wonderful time with Steve on the St. Johns River! Thanks for your professionalism for handling my last two trips with your guides…the email notifications with instructions are great reminders and both Steve and Mark Rodgers were great!

Great trip today with a couple West Virgina mountainers, Jason Kitzmiller and his son Owen. With a well overdue warming trend this third week of March, the fishing here on Lake Toho, is really starting to heat up. We started out the day a bit slow, having a north wind blowing at 10-12mph and a […]

Jason, took his 6 year old son bass fishing in Central Florida.  They did a Super Half (six hour) fishing trip on Lake Toho with Capt John Leech. It is always great to see parents getting their kids involved in fishing at a young age.  They had some great father and son bonding time, while […]

Richard Sturm and his friend went fishing on the Conway Chain.  They did a 3 night and 2 day fishing package.  Despite the cold front, these two still managed to catch over 35 bass! The first day of fishing the temperature was 34 degrees, but that did not discourage these too .  Their hard work paid off and they ended […]

Rusty and friend Dave, fished on St. Johns River in Astor, FL.   Rusty and Dave, fished a super half day which is a six hour fishing trip.  While out on St. Johns River they where hunting for bass. Their fishing trip was very successful, they caught around 20 largemouths! Dave caught the largest of the day weighing in at just under […]

Myron and Jason had a great time during their three day fishing adventure.  They fished on St. Johns River which is located around the Daytona area.  This picture is of one of the doubles they caught while on St. Johns River. They caught over 30 bass the first day, and around 12 bass the second day all on wild shiners. […]