Today on Lake Okeechobee I was fishing with Adam Wallace from Indiana, a former farmer up that way. Super nice guy and pretty good fisherman too. Fishing with a bait-caster, we stared out or morning by throwing a variety of different baits. Ended up catching a few nice ones on frogs and throughout the day […]

Yeah, a very nice day on Lake Okeechobee, with Mike Wyatt from Arkansas. A young man that is a a very good fishermen, very good with a bait-caster. We started the day off with doing a little bit of hollow body frog fishing, then got in to some good flipping and some swim-jig fishing. Great […]

Light Tackle Fishing on Lake Okeechobee Nice day on Lake Okeechobee today fishing with long time clients  that have been with me for many years. Gloria and her son and their Uncle Harry, Harry has been with me for many, many years and had a lot of great adventures together. Today we’re doing a light […]

Morning on Lake Okeechobee Hello, It a nice morning on Lake Okeechobee with Mahir and his is 4-year-old daughter Sophia. It’s always a lot of fun watching kids fish and this four-year old she captured here a few and caught a big old catfish. Numbers of fish caught today are pretty good today using live-bait. […]

A Special Day on Lake Okeechobee with Tom and Capt Mark A special day on Lake Okeechobee with Tom and his two boys Max and Clayton. The boys are 5 and 7 years old,  and Tom’s oldest son Max has fished with me in the past doing artificial lures. This trip we did live-bait and […]

Lake Okeechobee Fishing from Southern Indiana with Capt Mark Had a couple of very nice days, with Doug and Sam Schmitts Lake Okeechobee Fishing from Southern Indiana. Great folks that have fished with me in the past and always a pleasure to have on board. They are wonderful guys and we ended up mixing it up […]

Lake Okeechobee Outfitters Wins Big I ended my fishing report yesterday with we will see happens, and now fishing today with Taylor again. So we decided to fish a tournament today, I do this once in a while with some of my clients. Taylor as I mentioned is a great young man from Pompano Beach, […]

This is the day I wake up to fish with the Future Lake Okeechobee Bass Whisperer Steven and is son Taylor long time clients. This young man just turned 15 years old and has fished with me since he was a little guy. Very impressive anger from Pompano Beach, Florida. Taylor is going to be somebody […]

  The Millers on Lake Okeechobee Florida A very special day on Lake with Bob and his young son Gabe  from Middletown.  We went to all my best locations  today catch a huge numbers of Okeechobee  largemouth bass.   Gabe was great anglers, and learn techniques, avery sharp kid. A fantastic job fishing on out numbering […]

Big O Fishing with Capt Mark Shepard Your beautiful day out like a good fishing and  Yes, very calm winds. Today out with Carl Reno from Virginia. Carl managed to reel in over 40 fish and just 5 hour trip today.  Lots of action, numbers, size 3 lb’s Largemouth bass. The summer time is the perfect […]