The Bass Busters Team Tournament Trail would like to thank you for another Fantastic Year. We celebrated our 23rd year of tournaments and our 20th Year of being on Lake Okeechobee every month. We could not do this with out a lot of help and support from our Crews, Sponsors and most of All the Anglers. So Thank You All. We look forward to the next 20 Years and a lot of great times.

Finishing our season this year was out 20th Annual Toys For Kids Tournament. There were 51 teams participating this year, fog and all. The fog set us back an hour or so on the start, however when it was all over there were 140 fish weighed in for a total weight of 317.07 pounds. 2.27 lbs average fish.
First Place overall for the Day went to the team of Don and Caroline DeMott of Boca Raton, Florida. They weighed in a Total of 20.01 pounds. Awesome Job !!!!

First Place Big Bass went to the team of Angie Douthit and Mel Stone of Okeechobee, Florida. They weighed in an 8.69 Big’n, Great Job !!!!!!!

Second Place – Frank Jenkins & Bryan Honnerlaw 14.67 lbs.

Second Big Bass Jeff McMillan & Robert Hartline 6.53 lbs

Third Place Kelly Autrey & Derek Pridey 12.97 lbs

Fourth Place Shannon Schiner & Val Osinski 12.73 lbs

Fifth Place Mike Keyso & Dan Blanchard 12.64 lbs

Sixth Place Dennis Sprayberry & Chris Brill 12.62 lbs

Seventh Place Sander Entus & Tim Feller 12.53 lbs

Eight Place Mike Young & Jesse Allen 12.08 lbs

Ninth Place Moses Wilson 11.96 lbs

Tenth Place Bruce (TOTW) Carter & Perry Oliver 11.55 lbs

Congratulations to all of those folks taking home the money and trophies !!!!