Why take the Angler Survey?

Last year, just over 20 percent of anglers had to change or cancel plans to fish because certain waters or access points were no longer open to them. The Angler Survey is the easiest and fastest way for anglers to provide feedback and ensure that leaders have the information they need to support wise policies and programs.

Did you know you are improving your tackle when you take the survey? Data from the Angler Survey is used to inform the industry on fishing trends and builds fishing innovation. That new lure you like could have something to do with what you shared in the Angler Survey.

It gets better, five survey participants can win a $100 gift certificate each time the survey runs AND if you take the survey in the month of May Southwick Associates (who runs the Angler Survey) will donate $.25 to KeepAmericaFishing™ for each new participant.

Give your opinion. Improve fishing.

Take the Angler Survey today!

Fish on,

Kathy Powers