A Great day for fishing for Mr. Parimucha and his 9 year old son Joe! This trip was only a 4 hour guide but action packed which is always fun!
We met at 6:30am and launched at 7:00am on Lake Kerr in the Ocala National Forest. We fished the south east side of the lake. I rigged some shiners off the back of the boat and we started throwing some worms around to docks and grass line to see what the bass were biting on. Mr. Parimucha said that he and his son had never caught a bass on a plastic worm and wanted to give it a shot.
We started catching bass almost immediately on the soft plastic worms! The bass seemed to be more interested in the worms than they did the live shiners! We ended up catching 6 – 8 bass on the worms and only one on shiners the whole trip! There were at least another 6+ fish that bit but were missed.
Mr Parimucha caught a few nice fish in the 2 1/2 lb range and his son Joe caught a bunch including a nice bass in the 3lb as you can see in the photos! We had a good day on the water and a lot of fun. They were hoping to catch a bass on a plastic worm and their mission was accomplished many times over!

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….

From Staff Writer Capt. Shawn Carpenter (fishing@bassonline.com)
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