Great trip on the St. Johns River January 11th and 12th!!

What a great time I had with Paul & Marykay Cortelyou. They requested
a two day trip on the St. Johns River. As Mother Nature has been doing
the past few months, she decided to drop a cold front on us on the first day of the trip with temperatures dropping to near 20 degrees! Usually the bass in our area will shut down when it gets this cold, but since the St. Johns River has moving water and I had a few nice spots to try, they cooperated nicely with us.

We began our trip at 7am out of the boat ramp at the Astor Bridge. The
fog was a little heavy so we fished a few docks near the ramp and caught a few nice fish. We the headed up towards Lake Dexter and Lake Woodriff where we caught a small fish at Lake Woodriff. We headed back towards Astor and were fishing the canals when MaryKay hooked a NICE 6 1/2 lbs bass! We caught a few more in this area that were all around 3 lbs each.

Here are a few of the fish that were caught!!

The following day Paul and I went alone since MaryKay had the bragging rights already, and we had a great second day as well heading towards Lake George. Paul hooked some nice bass on day two as well. All in all, it was a fantastic two days with an awesome couple to enjoy life to the fullest. We caught approximately 15-20 bass! Most were caught on red shad worms with a 3/16 oz weight. The winds on day two were 25 miles per hour and the water temperature was approximately 53 degrees.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….

From Staff Writer Capt. Shawn Carpenter ( / 888-829-BASS