Date: July 28th

Customer: Alan Hardt and his son

Water: St. Johns River / Astor

Trip Length: 4 Hours

It was a great day on the St. Johns River. I met Mr. Hardt and his son in Astor for a four hours fishing trip. We met at 6am and by 6:30 Mr. Hardts son Matt caught the first fish off of a seawall in the main river! We fished a few more seawalls and docks in the main river and had some good bites. We then moved into the canals off the main river and in the first canal Matt caught two more bass very quickly, that boy can fish! After moving to the second canal, Mr. Hardt caught his first fish but Matt wasn’t going to let that slow him down and he caught another right behind it!

Overall, we had a great day and tons of fun on our four hour trip!

Until next time, keep your lines tight and your hooks in the water!
From Staff Writer Capt. Shawn Carpenter ( / 888-829-BASS