Hi this is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the April 24th 2015 fishing report for the St. Johns River.

This morning I had a 4-hour trip with Amy from Pennsylvania, she is a repeat customer of mine. We went out and she caught around 8 bass in the 4 pound range. She had a good time, we went out on the south end of the lake and threw some artificial bait around. We caught just a few fish there, there was too much wind. It started to warm up in the afternoon and got a little sunny before sundown. Looking forward that whenever she comes back around we can go out in the steelshad and get a lot more of them hooked. Big fish can always be found in St Johns River if you know the right spots.

This is Captain Steve with today’s fishing report. It was pretty windy today but it was still a good sunny day after all!

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