Biggest Fish I have Ever Seen in the Everglades in my Life

Hey, good afternoon everyone this is Captain Roger, calling in another fishing report.

Today I have a pleasure to fish with Mr. Eddie and Mr Jose, Mr. Jose is from Puerto Rico and we went out to the Everglades. The day started pretty overcast in the morning, we had a storm moving in from the West Coast of Florida. Let me tell you one thing, first thing in the morning I had in front of the boat Mr Jose. Mr Jose is a customer from Mr Edgardo and there both in the medical business. I put Mr Jose in front of the boat throwing a top-water and I scene the biggest wake I have ever seen in the Everglades come after his lure. It was a huge largemouth, humongous bass. It took the top-water plug down in one hit, hook’em up, probably the biggest fish I have ever seen in the Everglades my entire life. The fish came up, shuck his head and CAME OFF!

After that we put these guys on wacky rig Senko’s and we went fishing down the canals and caught a (7) seven pounder and (5) five pounder and a bunch of (4) four and (3) three pounders. Let me tell you one thing, the Everglades even with the water levels high…the fishing is on fire. I would like to thank my buddy, Capt Brett for some helpful information that told me where these fish were.

Tight lines, have a wonderful day!
Captain Roger Gonzalez