Canada and Minnesota Fishing to Florida

This is Captain Steve with your fishing report for Lake Toho today!
I took Tom, his brother and his two son-in-laws out from Illinois. We fished a (4) four trip on Lake Toho, we trolled shiners around and caught some bass as well as we were trolling a few guys were casting artificial lures. We caught bass the Steel Shad lure and Bass Assassin Lures, we even caught a couple of crappies and one bream!

We had about (15) fifteen fish for the four-hour trip, nothing really, really big. But we did lose one right at the end of the day which was a good one, Tom had it hooked and it came up to the surface and off she went!

Had a really good time even though the wind really kicked up today, we were able to make a few adjustment and get in a really good trip.

I hope to see them guys in the future again, Dan usually goes up to Canada and Minnesota fishing but decided to come try Lake Toho.


Until next time, I’ll see you on the water Captain Steve.