Captain Dave Lauer Reporting from Lake Osborne

Hey, this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in Tuesday July 29th, this given my report for the day.

Today I was out with Shawn Revere and two sons Jacob and Luke and there from Friendswood, Texas and we went Peacock bass fishing on lake Osborne today.

It was sunny and hot as always in the summertime, but we did have a little breezy today. The Peacock bass fishing was smoking hot on Lake Osborne, we went through (8) eight dozen shiners but probably a little bit afternoon catching well over 30 or 40 fish many in the (3) three-pound range. And Luke wanted me to tell everybody that he got more than his brother and his dad.

But he was fishing up in the front of the boat with me,  so Luke is gonna be a dangerous threat some day on the pro tour. But yes, he has college to go to first. But anyway. Jake caught the big fish in about three and a half powder, and we had a lot of action and a lot of fun out there.

Tight Lines everybody, Captain Dave signing out!