My name is Benton Wood and I went on a 4-hour bass fishing trip with Captain John Leech. My son, Parker Wood, and his friend, Alex Elliott, also participated. To call us novices would be an understatement. I have taken Parker on several Disney fishing trips but this was the first fishing trip ever for Alex. Captain John led us to the slaying and we caught 50 bass in 3-hours. The only thing that stopped us was that we went through 5 dozen shiner before running out of bait. Captain John selected a hide-a-way lake off the beaten path south of St Cloud. He led us to a spot in the middle of the lake, anchored and we never moved until we ran out of bait. Virtually all of the bass we caught were in the three to six pound range.  Captain John was a true pro and made it a memorable experience for all of us. We’ll be back.

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