Hello this is Captain Robert E. Miley and I am just leaving Airport Lakes* – Miami…Blue Lagoon. It is 92 degrees outside, the wind is blowing. We had an awesome day in the water…peacocks are definitely biting. If you would like to come down to florida and catch one…Miami is where they are at! We caught […]

This is Captain Robert E. Miley with your May 9th, 2015 Airport Lakes – Miami fishing report. Today I had a 6-hour trip, fishing was slow for almost three hours. No wind the first couple of hours and then it started to blow and fish started to bite. The Mike Bansi family caught 3  4-pounds Large-mouth […]

Hello! This is Captain Robert Miley in sunny South Florida, downtown urban Miami at Airport Lakes with your April 3rd, 2015 fishing report. I had a 4-hour trip with Jay Sporn from Pennsylvania and his three children. It was one of those fun days, we managed to catch 5 really nice Peacock Bass…went through 5-dozen […]

Good afternoon, this is captain Robert E. Miley! I’m just leaving Blue Lagoon and I had the opportunity to fish with Albert Burns from Ohio. He said there was snow up there and it was cold so he decided to take a mini vacation to sunny South Florida. He enjoyed his fishing trip, he had […]

Twenty-eight Peacock Bass today on Lake Ida Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson with your daily fishing report. Was on the water today with Bill Davis, we met up right early in the morning and drove down to Boynton Beach to fish Lake Ida. We fished today for a full-day which considered at least […]

Venezuela South America to Miami Florida Hey, hello this is Captain Roger calling another great peacock bass fishing report. This past Saturday I had these guy Rolando and Renato from Venezuela South America. They were thinking of fishing Lake Okeechobee, but based on a large tournament that was going out of the same location we […]

Fishing Denise and Rick Fox out from Wisconsin Hi there this is Captain Brett Isackson and this is your daily Peacock bass fishing report for bass online. Today I had Fishing Denise and Rick Fox out from Wisconsin. We went out for a full day Peacock bass fishing on today’s trip, we had a lot […]

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Fan Hey, good afternoon everybody this is Captain Roger calling in for another fishing report today. Today on Columbus day I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Nathan Sernoffshy. Mr. Nathan is from Ohio and a big Cincinnati Reds baseball fan which is one of my favorite teams. Today we went […]

Tony Masiello South Florida Peacock Bass Report Hey everybody, this is Tony Masiello in South Florida with today South Florida Peacock bass fishing report. Today started off really good, it was fast and furious day. The fish were hitting everything, top-water baits, jerk-baits and not to mention all the live shiners we went through. It […]

Alex Adams from Georgia retired Marine Corps Hey, good afternoon this is Captain Roger calling in for another fishing report of today’s date. Today, I had a pleasure to have Mr. Alex Adams from Georgia. Mr Alex is retired from the Marine Corps. Today we went to the Blue Lagoon / Airport Lake to fish […]