Captain Brett Isackson reporting from Markham Park chasing after Snakehead Hello there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting from Markham Park today where we were chasing after Snakeheads. Today we were using top-water frogs and spinnerbaits. We had 7 blow up total in just under four hours, and we ended up landing one. Congratulations to […]

Saturday and Sunday the Bass Online Pro Team got to take WNZF Flager County Radio Station with Terry Turner from Trackside. Capt Brett took Terry Largemouth bass fishing in the Everglades and later that day Asian snake head. Capt Roger the next day took Terry the private peacock pits.

Capt. Tim Nichols out this week with Shawn Yates, staying at the Hard Rock Casino Hollywood and fished 3 great day. The Yates party did peacock bass fishing, the ugly snakeheads and last day Everglades. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Tim Nichols ( 888-829-BASS

Captain Tim Nichols onboard with Daniel Gritzer and crew from Food & Wine for snakehead fishing in Fort Lauderdale. They are filming for upcoming show and articles about how great eating the Asian Snake-head fish is, stay tuned as they give you the recipe for there NOW famous Snake-head Tacos! Airing and publish article dates […]

Richard and Jay from Orlando are my number one Snakehead Anglers. Florida snakehead is the most recent addition to Florida’s list of reproducing exotic fishes, scientists report. “However, it’s far too early to know or even speculate on what effects the presence of this snakehead will have on our fisherys, but in the mean it […]

The Bullseye Snakeheads are the ones we have in Florida and are not considered game fish, so there are no limits or seasons on them. Bullseye looks like bowfins and have teeth you can catch them on livebait and artificial lure. If you catch a snakehead, Do kill it and do not release it back […]

Brett, I wanted to thank you once again for the Peacock trip last Tuesday. I had a blast. Thank you and I am already looking forward to coming down there next year for a peacock and snakehead trip. Linn Pearson< ********************************************** June 15, I had the pleasure of taking out Linn Pearson from Texas on […]

Today started the hunt of the mighty Florida Snakehead for the next two days. Richard from Orlando, Florida has traveled around the world fishing for Snakehead and has the stories to prove it. When he heard that they were in South Florida…well let’s say he was one of the few that got excited about the […]

Today we had the pleasure of going after a new exotic fish called the Snake-head. We started the day searching around, as the day went on we found the type of cover the snakeheads where holding in. By by the end of day we caught over 15 snake heads all on topwater. Let me tell […]

Studies show snakeheads do less harm than generally thought Chronicle News Services Snakehead always worries fisheries managers. MIAMI — Marty Arostegui forked a white fillet from his plate, dipped it in sweet Thai chili sauce and took a bite. “One of the finest fish I’ve had,” Arostegui, a retired physician, said. Arostegui, who has caught […]