Hey Captain Mark Daphne and I had a great time fishing with you last week. With an early morning temperatures of 48 and on the back-end of a cold front I knew fishing would be tough. We both have a good bit of fishing experience, but not bass fishing. The morning fishing was tough, but […]

Today I had out a wonderful couple from Fayetteville, GA on Lake Okeechobee. We had a great time together, although the day started out rather cold and a little windy they were real troopers. As the day progressed and the sun warned us and the water you could really see the fishing start to get […]

I wanted to drop a quick note – I fished last Thursday on Lake Ida w/ Tony for 1/2 a day – we caught many peacock bass & Tony was awesome. I would highly recommend his services to any prospective clients – he truly knows his stuff & he he is a great guy. I […]

Today I had the pleasure of taking out Shawn and Kelly from Ohio out on the Okeechobee . We started out on the South end of the lake in a spot that I’ve been doing good in since the recent storms. So, we can fish in the grass again and Shawn which is a real […]

Today I had the enjoyment and pleasure of fishing with Anna & Alex from Southern Brazil. Why was this trip was so special, well other then the bass fishing being outstanding. It was there honeymoon and while staying in Ft Lauderdale, they decided to go fishing with us at bassonline.com. Alex is very good fishermen […]