This is Captain Mark Rogers reporting for March 21st and 22nd. We were down in the Everglades the last couple of days with long time returning customers John and his father Curtis. Weather conditions were pretty great actually, light wind…got a little warm. Fishing temperature was perfect, fish were flying all over the place. Best two days […]

This is Captain Mark Rogers with your March 23rd fishing report. We were down in the Everglades today. It was partially cloudy and sunny. We caught around 40 fish today, topwater lures and worms worked the best. Got a lot of 3-4 pounders again, fish coming back strong. Everybody had a good time, it seems that […]

Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing #1 Hello, Captain Roger calling for another Florida Everglades largemouth bass fishing report. Today fishing is David Atwood from Indiana. We have had plenty of rain but managed to catch numbers on largemouth bass. The biggest about (6’lbs) six pounds, using both live-bait and artificial. We used a combination of […]

Fished Florida Everglades Today Hello everyone, this is Captain Roger calling in another fishing report. I had the pleasure to fish with Mr. Chuck from Wisconsin,  we fish a four-day in the Florida Everglades today. We went out and for the first few hours it was a little slow and then pickup up pretty good. […]

Florida Everglades Fishing Report for October Hi there, this is your Florida Everglades fishing report for October 1st and this is Captain Brett Isackson. I was out today for short (4) four hour day with Richard from Pennsylvania to do some bass fishing out in the Everglades. We had such a good time, we caught […]

Artificial Lures, Senko style Baits and Wacky Rigged Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson doing your daily fish report for Bass Online. Today, I had a long time repeat customers Steve Triplet out with his buddies. We went for a (6) six hour day out in the Everglades. Let me tell you something, we […]

Biggest Fish I have Ever Seen in the Everglades in my Life Hey, good afternoon everyone this is Captain Roger, calling in another fishing report. Today I have a pleasure to fish with Mr. Eddie and Mr Jose, Mr. Jose is from Puerto Rico and we went out to the Everglades. The day started pretty […]

Bass Assassin Tapout in Junebug Fishing Down Deep Hi there this is Captain Brett Isackson with Bass Online an another Florida fishing report for today! I was out in the Everglades with Ervin Rendek for a (4) four day, ended up catching (14) fourteen bass between (2lbs) two pounds and (4lbs) four pounds all on […]

Swimming Jigs and Throwing Big Worms Everglades Fishing Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson with your daily fishing report. For the last (2) two days, I had Rod Squire and Dallas Squire out from Canada. On the first day we went out to the Everglades, caught about (15) fifteen to (20) twenty fish in […]

Everglades Fishing with VJ – Juan from Bogota Colombia Hello Everybody. this is Tony with Best Online. This is my freshwater fishing report for the Florida Everglades for the pass (2) two days. I had the pleasure spending time with VJ and Juan from Bogota, Colombia. The fishing was awesome, we sent all our time […]