Leave the Rodman Reservoir alone A great post in the Jacksonville Times worth reposting…with our two sence added. RODMAN RESERVOIR “Where would it end?” The recent conversation about deepening the St. Johns River and draining the Rodman Reservoir has certainly caught the attention of both the ecological extremist and those who simply have good reasoning. […]

I had the pleasure to be invited to a one of a kind event in Miami last weekend. The first annual “Vamos a Pescar Miami” at Tropical Park. The event was presented by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), in partnership with Miami-Dade Parks; VamosAPescar.org; Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Guy Harvey Oceans Foundation; Pescando […]

News Release February 9, 2011 Contact: Gabriella B. Ferraro, 772-215-9459 To celebrate the restoration of Lake Trafford in Collier County, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) invites families to witness the release of wildlife and introduce their children to fishing, for free, Saturday morning. At 1,500 acres, Lake Trafford is the largest freshwater […]

DARRELL GWYNN FOUNDATION RAISES AWARENESS, EDUCATES RESIDENTS DURING FLORIDA SPINAL CORD INJURY AWARENESS WEEK NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Wins Hot Rods & Reels to Culminate “The Week” DAVIE, Fla.< – (Nov. 30, 2009) – There’s an old saying in racing that, “it’s not where you start, but where you finish,” former National Hot Rod Association […]