Date: 05/19/2015 Lake: Ida Location: Delray Beach – Florida Captain: Doug Jansen Customers experience: Good morning this is John Bria from Connecticut…I fished with Captain Doug Jansen this morning. We went out on Lake Ida today and I caught my first “Peacock”. Caught a bass five minutes into the fishing trip and had a blast […]

Good afternoon, this is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Palm Beach County – Lake Ida. Today we had a group trip myself and captain Tony Masiello. We took out some good old friends of mine from Louisville, Kentucky. They came down for a few days to get away from business and take a little break…they […]

Well this is Captain Robert E. Miley leaving Lake Ida in the sunny South Florida on this wet Wednesday. Temperature 79 degrees and it drizzled all day. I had the opportunity to take Dan Mahoney, Trey and Tom fishing today and they had an awesome trip. We caught approximately 15 Peacock bass, probably could of […]

This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting April 22nd from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County. Today was a group trip, we went out in 2 boats…myself and Captain Bob Miley. The title that summarized this trip was Help! I have fallen and I cannot get up. The person who booked the trip was Merrill Eastman, he […]

This is Captain Dave Lauer with your Lake Ida fishing report for April 15th, 2015. Today I had my best clients out of Delray Beach Florida, Jeff White and his friend David. These guys are the biggest fish enthusiasts I have ever met and when they get in the water you realize how patient they are. […]

Hello this is Captain Robert E. Miley just leaving Lake Ida on a peacock bass fishing trip. I had the opportunity to take Ken Tyson, his brother-in-law Dan and Paul peacock bass fishing on Lake Ida. They flew in from Kentucky and we had an awesome day today. Weather was super nice and we caught […]

This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting Wednesday 8th from Palm Bach County, Lake Ida. My guests today were Mike Kosinski, his daughter Claudia and her long-time friend Emily from Michigan state. They are here in the sunny state of Florida for spring break, per usual. Today’s forecast was about 82 degrees in the morning, it […]

This is captain Doug Jansen! It is March 25th, reporting from Palm Beach County…Lake Ida today! My guests were Roger and Diana Walker, they are visiting from Akron, Ohio. I think they made the right choice selecting Florida as their destination to spend the winter. Normally they fish from the beach or pier, according to their fishing report, so […]

Good afternoon, this is Captain Robert Miley. Today is January 19th, calling in with the Lake Ida fishing report! We had an awesome day today; I fished with Sandy and Louis. Fishing was overcast, a little bit slow too.  We caught over 20 Large-mouth bass, up to 5-pounds. We caught nice Peacock too; they were in […]

Hi this is Captain Doug Jansen and today is  Friday, January 16th. Reporting from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County, Florida secret little gem! Today my guest was Kenny Ganz; he is originally from New Jersey. He usually goes salt water and trout fishing. We went out on a Peacock trip; he wants to come […]