Hello, this is Captain Steve Niemoeller. I guided Rick and Laura of the day on Lake Jackson, they had traveled down from Ohio. We unfortunately did not catch a lot of fish, but we got quite a few bites with some weight to them. It was the first time Laura had ever caught a fish. […]

Visiting Orlando and Thinking of Going Fishing? Hi, this is Captain John Leech with another Orlando bass fishing report. Had out Gary Carpenter today, he comes all the way over from the Ft Myers area. So instead of me telling you about our day on the water, I am going to put Gary on the […]

Orlando Florida Fishing Report Hi this is Captain John Leech with another Central Florida fishing report, Today I had out Kevin Brueseke this morning and we absolutely caught them again. Unfortunately we lost our two biggest fish today, this happens. We had one trophy size bass about (8 lbs) eight pounds come up to the […]

Fishing is still red hot in Kissimmee Hi, this is Captain John Leech and this is your fishing report for October 9th. Fishing is still red-hot in Kissimmee. I took Gary Carpenter who’s a buddy of mine from down in the Ft Myer area. Comes up fishing with me on a regular basis, carried him […]

Caught about (40) Forty Fish in Six Hours in Orlando Hi, this is Captain John Leech We had a great trip again today and I just wanted to give you a little update of the current fishing conditions. The fish today were caught on buzz-baits first thing in the morning and on a Bass Assassin […]

Phil Powers out Fishing with Capt John Leech I this is Captain John Leech, Just had Phil Powers out fishing, he got a real nice fish it was just over 7 pounds. I’m going to put him on the phone, “Hey, I had a great time fishing with Captain, John Leech we went to a […]

Hi, this is Captain John Leech. I  just got back from one of my little secret lakes out in the country. Little bit of a drive, it takes about an hour to get down there but the fishing was well worth it. Wound-up with (64) sixty-four bass. The biggest fish was only about (3) three-pounds […]

I had the great pleasure of having the Place Family out on the boat to do some bass fishing out on Lake Jackson, and folks let me tell you what, we had a blast! Not only did everyone catch some good numbers of bass, but quality bass as well. The best part was, they normally […]

June 17, onboard with Terry Barnes grandson Karry & Family. They had a great day on Lake Jackson the place for action and trophy bass. Thanks Guys, looking forward to bass fishing with again. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt John Leech (johnl@bassonline.com) BassOnline.com/ 888-829-BASS

Wild shiners have been catching the major of bass on Lake Jackson. Steve came out with us today for a couple hours for Florida’s best bass fishing. Steve caught all with artificial lures and he caught his new personal best just over 6lbs on a senko type bait, had a great day. This toad did […]