This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for the last 3 days from the Rodman Reservoir. I guided John, Greg and Palmer for the last couple of days out there for bass fishing, we fished using shiners only. Yesterday was a pretty good day, wind blew a lot but we still managed to catch […]

Leave the Rodman Reservoir alone A great post in the Jacksonville Times worth reposting…with our two sence added. RODMAN RESERVOIR “Where would it end?” The recent conversation about deepening the St. Johns River and draining the Rodman Reservoir has certainly caught the attention of both the ecological extremist and those who simply have good reasoning. […]

Wesley all the way from Texas on the Rodman Reservoir today Hi, this is Captain Steve Niemoeller with a Rodman Reservoir fishing report for today. I guided Wesley all the way from Texas on the Rodman Reservoir today. The trip started out pretty good, we had a nice bass on a buzz-bait right off the […]

This is Captain Steve with a fishing report from on the Rodman Reservoir today. It was a beautiful day out there today, I took Christian and his friend Stuart from the U. K. and his son’s Rainy and Aden out for our trip on Rodman Reservoir. We artificial lure, using Bass Assassin lures and also […]

Florida Fishing with Chad and Jamie from South Carolina for 3 days This is Captain Steve reporting for the 3 days fishing I took Chad and Jamie from South Carolina on. First day and we had when out on St Johns river, talked about it the other night and we ended up going to Rodman […]

Family Group of Four Fishing Lake Toho Hi this is Captain Steve, I guided a (1/2) half day fishing trip today on Lake Toho for a party of (4) four. Steven, Johnny, Sandy and Paul were from Texas. And we had a real nice day, a lot of fun. We had a lot of bites, we […]

I had a very rewarding trip, fishing with Shawn Carpenter one day, and Steve Niemoeller the second. I found both guides to be very knowledgeable, and they went out of their way to find fish when the bite went south. I would not hesitate to recommend your service or the two guides I hired to […]

Date: July 28th Customer: Alan Hardt and his son Water: St. Johns River / Astor Trip Length: 4 Hours It was a great day on the St. Johns River. I met Mr. Hardt and his son in Astor for a four hours fishing trip. We met at 6am and by 6:30 Mr. Hardts son Matt […]

What a great day on the water we had! I had the pleasure of taking our Mr. and Mrs. Hoewing, from Kissimmee, Florida on Lake Kerr this past Saturday. We no sooner pulled away from the ramp and got our lines in the water and the fish started biting! On our first cast, I was […]