Mel is an avid fly fishermen from South Carolina Hello Everybody, this is Tony Masiello down in the Southern region. This is my Peacock bass report for today. Today I had the pleasure taking out a Mr. Mel Maurer from South Carolina. Things started off kinda little slow, it was cloudy and rainy. As the […]

Beautiful Morning Here on Lake Okeechobee Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. What a beautiful morning here on Lake Okeechobee this morning. Fishing with Chris from Indiana, nice to talk to folks from up that way. Grove real close to that state right on the line in Ohio when I was a […]

Peacock Bass Fishing Two Days with Keith and Steven Schwab from Louisiana Hey, good afternoon ladies and gentleman. This is Captain Roger calling back for another fishing report for Bass Online! Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Keith Schwab and his son Steven on September 12th and 13th. We had a couple of great […]

Capt Mark Fishing today with Dave and June Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Fishing today with Dave and June customer from my pass and a super fun day. A beautiful morning, overcast thought we were gonna get rained out, but the weather held out for us real good. Had great numbers […]

Miami Blue Lagoon or the Airport Lakes for Peacock Bass Good afternoon guys, this is Captain Roger calling in another Florida fishing report. My report is for two days of fishing with Mr. David Thurber and his wife Mrs June. Mr. David and Mrs June are from Massachusetts. They spent a couple of days with […]

Ralph, Robin and Kyle from New York staying in Florida Keys Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting in with your daily fishing report for Bass Online. Today I had out Ralph, Robin and Kyle, all down from New York staying in the Florida Keys and came up to fish with me on Lake […]

Fishing with Jacob and Michael from Ohio Hi, this is Brett Isackson, this is your Florida freshwater fishing report for the Southeast Region, Your daily report today, I was out with Jacob and Michael from Ohio this is the last day they are spending with me. And we when and did more Peacock bass fishing […]

Half Day Fishing with Erin and Lindsay from Ohio Hey, it’s Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report today, We had a half day fishing with Erin and Lindsay from Ohio,  very young couple and a lot of fun to spend a day with. They learned how to throw a bait-casters and did […]

New Jersey Marine Officer Fishing Peacock Bass Hey Good Afternoon guys, today’s Tuesday the 9th of September. I’m calling to give you heads up what happened today on the water. I got Mr. Louis Rodriguez today with me,  Mr. Louis is from New Jersey he’s a Marine Officer from for the Army Forces of the […]

Peacock Bass Summer Slam on Lake Osborne Hey this Captain Dave Lauer calling in September 10th and we went to Lake Osborne again with my client Jeffrey White his son Jordan. I know it sounds like a repeat of every other time we’ve gone there.  But we went through (120) one hundred and twenty shiners […]