Hello there, Captain Mark Shepard here with with your May 14th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks today it was a beautiful morning at Lake Okeechobee “Florida’s secret gem”, just doing a really quick half-day trip getting out from Clewiston. Wind picked up a little bit in the afternoon but we smashed the lake before […]

Hey this is Captain Dave Lauer with your May 7th fishing report. Fished out of Belle Glade (South end of Lake Okeechobee) today with Joe, he comes all the way from Arkansas. He is on vacations down here…staying in Delray Beach for a few days. Joe is from Bull Shoals Lake and used to fish […]

Captain Mark Shepard here with your May 9th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks out on the water today doing a little short trip with Mike Groshon…he has been a long time customer of mine. We fished on artificial today and the best thing about it is that he will be working with us pretty […]

This is Captain Robert E. Miley with your May 9th, 2015 Airport Lakes – Miami fishing report. Today I had a 6-hour trip, fishing was slow for almost three hours. No wind the first couple of hours and then it started to blow and fish started to bite. The Mike Bansi family caught 3  4-pounds Large-mouth […]

Captain Mark Shepard here with your May 6th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks, last three days I have been fishing with Ben, Tom and Trey from Maine. The day before yesterday they fished with me in Okeechobee as well, yesterday they went out with Bob Miley to catch some peacocks…folks had a great […]

Well this is Captain Robert E. Miley leaving Lake Ida in the sunny South Florida on this wet Wednesday. Temperature 79 degrees and it drizzled all day. I had the opportunity to take Dan Mahoney, Trey and Tom fishing today and they had an awesome trip. We caught approximately 15 Peacock bass, probably could of […]

Hi everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in from…you guessed it! Belle Glade, FL! South east corner of the lake. Mostly cloudy all day and believe it or not even though we are at the end of April it has been windy lately, blowing towards the north west…we had a cold front today.  It […]

Hi this is Captain Mark Shepard with your April 20th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Folks out in the water with Larry and Mark from Indiana, good ol’ country folks. I was born in the Indiana and Ohio border line so I was familiar with the area. We spent two days together, two days of […]

This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting April 22nd from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County. Today was a group trip, we went out in 2 boats…myself and Captain Bob Miley. The title that summarized this trip was Help! I have fallen and I cannot get up. The person who booked the trip was Merrill Eastman, he […]

Hello this is Captain Robert E Miley fishing Aerojet Canal. It is a really cool 97 degree day here in sunny South Florida. You norther fellas come down and enjoy a little of this hot weather, the peacock bass are biting! I was at Aerojet Canal today, I fished with Mr. Lennhart, Ted and Ray…they were […]