This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Today was a wonderful day out in the water. A little cold during the morning. My guests were Linda and her husband Charlie from Kentucky. Great country folks, a lot of fun to be with. First catch of the day was a monster bass! […]

Hi this is Captain Dave Lauer and this is your Thursday 15th, 2015 fishing report. Reporting from Lake Okeechobee South East corner – Belle Glades, the bites still on! I have friends in town from the North West part of the country; they flew all the way down from the state of Washington. Brandon came […]

Hi this is Captain Doug Jansen and today is ¬†Friday, January 16th. Reporting from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County, Florida secret little gem! Today my guest was Kenny Ganz; he is originally from New Jersey. He usually goes salt water and trout fishing. We went out on a Peacock trip; he wants to come […]

Hi this is Captain Mark Shepard and this is your Thursday 15th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Fishing today with old time clients Bob and Mike. These guys are good to fish with; we always have a lot of fun. We have been on quite a few adventures, a lot of big fish and just […]

Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Lake Okeechobee January 15th. We went out from Lake Okeechobee today; pretty much most of the day was sunny with a front moving in. My guests today were Doug Pugh and his buddy Scott from Alabama. They came down south to spend a couple of days at the lake in […]

Hello this is Captain Robert Miley with the January¬†14th fishing report! It has been a fabulous day today in sunny South Florida for peacock bass fishing. We started off early throwing artificial jerk bait, they were not biting that well and I brought shiners along. We went to 10 (ten) dozen shiners because it was […]

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks another pretty good day on the lake, spent it with Dan and his wife Sharon from Connecticut. You know how cold is over there, they had to come down to enjoy the Keys and make quick stop at Lake Okeechobee to do […]

Yet Another Lake Okeechobee Giant! This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Folks…Lake Okeechobee is doing fantastic, huge numbers today. We caught over 60 large-mouth bass, just a fantastic day. Were hosting a big group trip for the next three days, lots of them have become friends and just a great […]

Perfect present for the Holidays, take your MAN Fishing Hey everyone, it Captain Dave Lauer calling in today with another is fishing report this time from Lake Osborne. I had the pleasure of fishing with Kip and Mary from Boynton Beach Florida. It’s always great to find out where everyone is from, we know it’s […]

Mike’s bucket list included catching a peacock bass and he was able to fulfill Hey folks, this is Tony Masiello down in sunny South Florida. I recently did a trip, a quick half-day trip on Lake Ida. I fished with Mike and his family. These half-days when the fish are biting they go by so […]