Larry Nelson from East Troy Wisconsin with his son and grandson Hello this is Captain Dave Lauer, Yesterday I took out Larry Nelson from East Troy Wisconsin with his son and grandson. We went fishing out in Clewiston on Lake Okeechobee. The day started out really strong with the first fish being five pounds, then […]

Hey every-buddy, this is Captain Tony Masiello down in South Florida come to you from Lake Ida. I had the pleasure of taking out Marty and Robert from Michigan. The day started off pretty good, we started the day using live-bait catching a mixture of large-mouth bass and peacock bass. The sun got high over […]

Hey, this is Capt Brett with yet another Lake Okeechobee fishing report. I was out on World famous Lake Okeechobee with Rod Squire from Ontario Canada. We throw artificial lures all day, his biggest fish for the day was a bass weighting (6lbs – 2oz) six pounds two ounces. We landed about (15) fifteen largemouth […]

Hello it’s Captain Dave Lauer with another Lake Okeechobee fishing report coming to you from Slim’s Fish Camp in Belle Glade Florida. I wish I could tell you that we ripped them up everywhere I went today, but I ripped them in one place I went today. After exhausting about four or five different spots, […]

Picked up the Artificial Lures an went to work on Okeechobee Hello again, this is Captain Brett Isackson with yet another Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Today fishing with Larry and Scott Gardner from Parkland Florida. They wanted to live-bait fish today, so off we went with four dozen golden shiners. We boated about (25) twenty-five […]

Hey everybody, this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in from Slims Fish Camp at Lake Okeechobee. I am actually calling in for Monday and Wednesday trip all at once, kinda like a two for one for all you listeners. For all you fishermen out there, its like catching two fish on one So for […]

Hi, this is Captain Brett Isackson with another South Florida fishing report. I posted early in the week on fishing with Paul and Robbie Cruvellier, where Paul caught a 9lb 9oz Okeechobee trophy. For the last five days majority of the time we fish up on Lake Okeechobee other than one day we did spend in […]

Hey there, is Captain Brett Isackson with another daily fishing from report from Lake Okeechobee. For the last five days I have had Paul and Robbie Cruvellier out fishing on Lake Okeechobee. We fished the lake hard the first two days and are planning to fish a tournament together, stay tune for the results. In […]

Hello again, this is Captain Dave Lauer back in the saddle again. My outboard motor has been broken, but I’m back in action. Speaking of action, let me tell you about my trip on Lake Osborne today. Today I was out with Jeff White and his son Jordan from Delray Beach Florida, these two are […]

Hello, its Capt Brett Isackson with your Lake Ida freshwater fishing report. Today I was on Lake Ida in Palm Beach with Will and his family. Will made this a complete family outing by bring along his wife, son and daughter. We only had a short (4) four hours to fish today, but ended up […]