Today I had the pleasure of taking out Paul Meyer and his son Seth . They originally wanted to go after largemouth bass in the Everglades but I suggested they may want try to go after the peacock bass. So after talking to Paul and his son, I picked them up at the Hilton hotel […]

In a surprise move environmentalists call “breathtaking,” U.S. Sugar Corp. plans to announce today a deal to sell the state 187,000 acres in the Everglades for $1.75-billion. If approved, it would be the largest conservation purchase the state has ever made, helping restore the ecosystem’s natural flow and providing a quantum leap to the effort […]

Today I had out Meck Austin from Kansas City, Mo. Meck is here on business and staying at one of our popular Ft Lauderdale hotels and wanted to get for a half day of Florida Peacock Bass. We started around 6:30am and headed out to the fishing spot, knowing Meck only had a few hours […]

Today I had out return customer Bob and his friend Steve from popular Danbury, CT. Last time down they fished with Capt Mark Shepard on Lake Okeechobee and had great success on wild shiners. So today I decided t take them deep in to the Everglades for some fast action largemouth bass on artificial baits. […]

Today I have the pleasure of taking Frank and Shawn from Philly, PA. They are fishing with us for three days, today they decided to go after peacock bass in Miami. The early morning was the best bite on artifical lures, I have not seen it this good in a while. We caught a few […]

Today I had the pleasure of taking out Ernie Hockenstein on Lake Ida. Ernie, contacted us at several weeks ago, his son lives on the Lake Ida change and has seem me driving around catching fish. Knowing Ernie loved fishing, he wrote down the name and number off the side of my boat and […]

Today I had the pleasure of being with Erica & Rick Skier from Palmdale, CA for two days of South Florida bass fishing. The first day of two days we picked them up at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort and then drove to the dock. When we left the dock in Miami this morning […]

HT3’s Summer Slam Series team tour was in the Everglades Sunday, launching out of Holiday Park. The weigh in concluded at the S.A.F.E.R. pavilion as the director David Oliveira called the results out. He and his partner Jeff Ladroux handled the launch, weigh in and recording of the results and did so in an accurate […]

I get a big variety of fishermen with different skill levels. Today’s, I had Michael & Donna Walker from Hayes Va. They were fishing on day two, of a three day trip. This couple was sharp with great casting skills and a smooth touch for a sensitive bite. Between the both of them they boated […]

Today‚Äôs we are fishing with the Hyre family for there 2nd day in South Florida. On day two they have decided to go Florida Peacock Bass with us. Originally Chris and her daughter were going to stay in the area and go shopping while dad enjoyed a day of fishing. But after catching over 60 […]