This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks over the last 2 days the weather has been amazingly bad. I just finished up two days with Charlie Reid and his son Mark. We had 30+ mph winds on the first day, just unbelievable and really happy I had Charlie and […]

Fish were Fearless and so were my Guys from PA Hey there, it’s Captain Brett Isackson reporting from Lake Okeechobee today. My trip today was with Tim, Bill and Steve from Pennsylvania. We fished today with primary wild shiners, using up (5) five dozen. We boated approximately (45) forty-five to (50) fifty bass today, that’s […]

Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee Fishing report, Today I fished with Troy and Kim from Ohio, great folks to fish with from my home town state. We mixed it up today by starting out with a little live-bait fishing, we had the opportunity to chip away at a few nice ones. Once we […]

Take a Fishing Trip before you get on a Cruise Ship Hello, this is Captain Doug Jansen with my fishing report from October 26th, Today’s report is from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County. My guess we’re Jeff Patterson and his wife Debbie from Memphis, Tennessee. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, it was 80 […]

MONSTER OKEECHOBEE BASS THE TRADEOFF Hello this is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report. Well folks over the last few days had two great guys Mike and Mike…and NOT the ESPN radio host. Mike and Mike are from Colorado, and we had a lot fun with both on them onboard having the […]

Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing #1 Hello, Captain Roger calling for another Florida Everglades largemouth bass fishing report. Today fishing is David Atwood from Indiana. We have had plenty of rain but managed to catch numbers on largemouth bass. The biggest about (6’lbs) six pounds, using both live-bait and artificial. We used a combination of […]

Keep up with the Stock Market or Catch Fish? Why not both… Hi, this is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Lake Okeechobee. Today, we had cloudy skies and about 80 degrees outside with low winds and really good day to be on the water. My guest today was Gary Post originally from New Jersey, this […]

Twenty-eight Peacock Bass today on Lake Ida Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson with your daily fishing report. Was on the water today with Bill Davis, we met up right early in the morning and drove down to Boynton Beach to fish Lake Ida. We fished today for a full-day which considered at least […]

Venezuela South America to Miami Florida Hey, hello this is Captain Roger calling another great peacock bass fishing report. This past Saturday I had these guy Rolando and Renato from Venezuela South America. They were thinking of fishing Lake Okeechobee, but based on a large tournament that was going out of the same location we […]

Captain Doug Jansen Reporting for Lake Okeechobee Hello its Captain Doug Jansen reporting for lake Okeechobee We went out of the Southeast corner of Lake Okeechobee in Belle glade Florida today. I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of Canadians today, Raymond Chappuis and Geilles Taillefer which are friends. We fished today with […]