We Caught more Bass then we could Shake a Stick at!

Hey this is Captain John Leech, we’re out with Ron Hayes today. Going to put him on the phone so he can let you know how we did, because we CAUGHT THEM!

“Hi, this is Ron Hayes from Ohio, this is the second time I had the pleasure of coming down and fishing with John Leech in the last four months.  And although we didn’t catch any big wall hangers this time, we caught more bass then we could shake a stick at.  We used topwater and worms and he put me on the fish all morning. Ended up between John and I we caught (110) one hundred and ten bass, multi table (4) four and (5) five pounders.  And just had a blast and highly recommend if you want to do some fishing, get a hold of Captain John Leech.”

Okay, that’s it for now guys… see ya soon!
Captain John Leech