Hey, this is Jeff. Dave Lauer calling in the Tuesday September 30th.

You will never guess where I went today? Lake Osborne again!

I had Jeff White and his son Jordan, these guys are going out with me every other week or every week because I having so much fun catching Peacock Bass and a few big large-mouth bass. And they make it real competitive also, they are always arguing who caught the biggest fish and the most fish, all in good fun though because their father and son. the father wants to see the son catch them, but the son doesn’t like to see the father catch’em.
But anyway, today we caught so many we lost count, every-time we go we lose count. But we had a large about (5) five pounds towns, biggest Peacock bass was about (4-1/2) four and a half pounds. Several (3) three pounds we caught in-between that, “Oh,my God it’s another three-pounder,” that’s what I heard all day…lol

But anyways, good times on Lake Osborne who knows how long it’s going to last. Maybe, it will be better next summer if we don’t have a freeze. Maybe they will all be (5) five and (6) six pounders?

That’s it for today, I’ll talk to you later…Capt Dave Lauder

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