This is Captain Steve with a fishing report from on the Rodman Reservoir today.

It was a beautiful day out there today, I took Christian and his friend Stuart from the U. K. and his son’s Rainy and Aden out for our trip on Rodman Reservoir. We artificial lure, using Bass Assassin lures and also some shiners. We ended up catching about (15) fifteen bass I would imagine. Rainy ended up catching the biggest fish today on one of the very last shiners we had. The fish weighted (6 lbs 14 oz) six pounds and fourteen ounces, Stuart also had a good time catching a few bass, caught a couple of mud-fish and a Florida gar.  He was pretty excited about the Gar, considering he doesn’t them where he lives at in the U.K. It was a real treat for him to get some pictures with something he has never seem before.

All in all it was a good day, I hope to have the guys come back fishing with me sometime.

As a side note regarding Rodman Reservoir, there are a lot of water hyacinth all over the place. If boating you need to be really careful of the floating logs mixed in, so if your headed to Rodman be really careful when boating.

It’s a great place to fish, until next time. Tight lines, I’ll talk to you later.

Capt Steve Niemoeller