Just a note to let you know that my trip with Capt Ray was one of the bestdays of fishing I’ve ever had in my life and since I’ve been around a longlong time this is no small thing.

Ray put me over some great fish and I caught the largest bass of my fishingcareer with him. I have attached a photo of it for you if it is of any useto you. I also took a shot of Ray with the fish with his Bassonline cap.

On our first day we caught probably something like 80 fish and none weresmall. I believe that had we been fishing a tournament, we’d have been inthe money with our five biggest fish – probably 21 22 lbs. And I lostanother hawg late in the day. Our second day was a bit slower but steadierthrough the day. I’d say we got something like 60 fish between us and bothof us lost big fish.

Of all the times I’ve used Bassonline, fishing with Ray was by far the mostenjoyable. While I am an experienced angler I have tended to fish withlimited variability in style. Ray took the time to help me try differenttechniques, and understand why we were fishing the way we were using thetackle he suggested. I found the trip educational. I think I’m a betterangler for it and I’ll test that theory out in a few weeks when Bass seasonopens in Ontario. I’ll let you know.

Anyway thanks again for a great trip and my gratitude to Capt Ray. He did agreat job and represented your company extremely well.

All the best

Charlie Reid

Thanks Charlie,

Its always a pleasure having you onboard. We look forward to fishing with.