I just wanted to send you an email about my experience using your site to book a guided trip on Lake Okeechobee on May 20th.

It started with a phone call to your office and to my surprise someone actually answered the phone. I informed Lori that I was coming to Florida and would like to fish Okeechobee, she stated that would not be a problem and where would I be staying. I told her I would be in Orlando. Lori suggested going to Lake Toho because it would be closer and I informed her that I really wanted to fish Lake Okeechobee and that I had tried to fish it with three other guides (not affiliated with you guys) and they had talked me into other waters to fish and each time it was a disaster. Lori said she would have Todd call me and talk to me about what would be the best place for me to fish within 24 hours, again what a pleasant surprise Todd called me the next afternoon.

Todd asked me several questions about what I wanted from my day of fishing and I answered by stating that I would like to fish Okeechobee and would like to catch a good number of fish with an opportunity to catch a big bass. Todd recommended I fish Okeechobee with Mark Sheppard and sent me an email with Mark’s contact information and told me to contact him to work out where and when to meet on Sunday the 17th. I called Mark and he answered (again to my surprise) and we talked about what I should expect from my day on the lake with Mark. All was great was really looking forward to meeting Mark and fishing on Sunday.

Todd called me back a couple of days before the outing and informed me that there would be 4 tournaments on Okee on Sunday and it would be hard to find unpressured waters and asked if I could reschedule for another day. I couldn’t believe that a guide making a living on fishing would ask if I wanted to switch my day so I could have a better chance of catching great fish. I rescheduled for Wednesday the 20th and we met that morning.

We had a great time with Mark. Mark’s boat was very clean and the equipment we used was top of the line. We started the day catching about 40+ fish average size with the biggest being about 3 1/2 pounds. Mark true to his word, using the information I gave him about what I would like to do, went looking for the BIG one. He informed me that we may not catch the number of fish we had been catching but it would be a spot to produce bigger fish. We moved and fished for about 1 1/2 and caught another 10 – 20 fish and the biggest going about 5 pounds+ but we did not get it in the boat not Mark’s fault my buddy is just learning to fish. We had to leave the water because a storm came in and it was not safe to be on the water.

Todd to summarize my trip it was exactly how I think a guided trip should be done. I called, talked to someone on the first call, I was asked questions about exactly what I wanted out of my trip, was teamed up with a guide that could provide what I asked, and the guided executed exactly what I requested.

You have a great company and are the best of the best if my opinion. Your guide service has completely changed the way I view guiding services and will never use any other service in the state of Florida other than yours.

Thanks for being true professionals and making sure you do all that you can to make your customers happy!!!

Best wishes and good luck,

Terry Stevens

Thank you Terry,
We appreciate your business and look forward to fishing with again.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
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