***Customer Testimonial*************

From October 14 and 16, 2012, my brother, uncle and I went fishing on Lake Okeechobee (The Big O as I now know it) with Dave Lauer as our guide. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The first day we caught somewhere in the realm of 80 bass – a day that you would never forget! But then on Tuesday, October 16, we caught over 150 bass!!!!!!!!!! I know that sounds like a fish story, but if I told you the number we think we really caught, it would not be real – the largest we caught was about a seven pounder and we caught a lot of fish – Dave was awesome! He worked hard for us and his work more than paid off – he was also a blast to be with – he loves fishing and he loves the BIG O – I would recommend anyone to go with him. We are planning our next trip down – I have dreamed since I was a kid of going on Okeechobee and catching a bunch of fish, and finally after 40 years we did just that. This might sound corny, but we think the Good Lord gave us Dave so we could catch those fish – it was the trip of a lifetime!

If that wasn’t enough, on October 15 we got to fish for Peacocks with Roger Gonzalez – that was awesome. We caught in the realm of 30-40 fish, and a peacock at about 4.5 lbs! going through the canals of Miami with Capt. Roger was something that we will never forget – especially since he took Bill Dance fishing the day before us!

The entire trip was great, thanks to you guys and Dave and Roger for making a lifetime trip something we are going to do more than once in a lifetime!

Dave and Roger have more pics and Roger has one of all of us with 2 peacocks in fist – thanks again to all

Jeromy E. Brown