Day two with the Rinaldi Family was a adventure, it started off in the Florida Everglades. Which turned out really bad, “I know fishing guides are not suppose to say that, but tell the way it is,” The recent rains from tropical storm fay have just got the bass in the Everglades all spread out with all the water that has fallen.

When we got to our first location, I saw immediately how much the water has came up in the Everglades. So, I said “I have something better then the Everglades right now.” We headed to a private lake that we have and ended up catching really nice bass, “like the one in the picture to the right!”

We also had a fantastic day of peacock bass fishing and few tarpon which the boys had a great time with and so did I. It was great to watching everyone, especially the boys catching fish all day long.
Thanks once again to the Rinaldi family, the trips just seem to keep getting better!

See ya real soon,
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Capt Brett
Florida Peacock Bass
Florida Peacock Bass