Evan’s mom called and wanted to get a him a fishing trip for Summer vacation, we thought that was so cool. The whole summer and lot of stuff for a kid like Even to do and he wants to go on a bass fishing trip. Lone behold we had no idea that he didn’t want to fish with us for one day, but he wanted to fish for a week!
What a great kid. Evan is or I should say, was primarily a saltwater or bank fisherman and a good one. but after fishing with us for a week, I think he found a new favorite bass fishing!

Even caught this beauty above on Lake Okeechobee, he also fishing the canals for peacock bass as well as spending a few days in the Everglades. Overall his trip was a good one, unfortunately he did have a lot of bad weather but didn’t stop us from going fishing when we could.

Below, are a few comments from Even and picture he sent;

Hello, this is Evan from last week, I was the kid who bought the 5 day trip. On the last day of the trip on Okeechobee I caught two good bass, one 5lbs and the other slightly larger, maybe 5 and a half. Captain Brett told me to send the picture of the larger bass because he only got a shot of the first one. Also, while they both seemed the same size at first, the second one is noticeably larger after review. He also said that you were interested in putting the photo in the gallery you have on your site, so here’s the picture.
Do whatever you want with it.
Evan Dean

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt Brett Isackson (bretti@bassonline.com)
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