Today I fished with the Wilson family, Sandra and Anthony Sr & Jr.. They decided to experience the Everglades because of the wildlife as well as the fishing, so I had a few spots in mine to do just that. One of my favorites is Holeyland!
Sandra was a great sport and let the boys get started bright and early to ensure the morning bite. A morning bite is exactly what we had, all the while the boys were so pumped up to catch fish Sandra (aka Mom) sat back with a look of confidence like she know something..that the rest of us didn’t.

The first fish of the morning Sandra started with a nice 4lb largemouth, what a great surprise to the boys. But not as much as the next two she boat, which were both between 4 and 6 lbs. As we moved around they all seem to catch a fish or two, even a couple of bowfin and gar were caught which they seem to enjoy quite a bit.

The day could of ended with and it would of been a success, but leave it Anthony Sr. to leave his mark in the Florida Everglades with trophy largemouth bass just over 7lbs on the scales.

Really enjoyed this family, for there first time bass fishing I thing we can call it a huge success!

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