Today was a very special day. It was a young man’s birthday, his name was Hagan. He turned 10 years old today and let me tell you, he’s a very good fisherman. His casting capabilities would make some adults jealous.

Today fishing with him was his sister, Cameron. Who was only seven years old, could fish and cast very good as well. With them today was their grandfather, Charles. They fished all day with artificial baits only. It was a great thing to see these kids casting and catching all on their own.

I sure enjoyed spending the day with all of them, they were very well mannered and nice to be with. The fishing in the Florida Everglades was pretty good with nice steady action. No giants, but some nice quality ones. Man, I have got to tell you, “there’s nothing like taking a kid fishing.” And we all should remember one thing, that they’re only a kid once. So, don’t miss the chance to a take your child fishing.

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Good fishing

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