Today, I fished with Ernest from North Carolina and his new found friend Hank from Kentucky. They met while walking around there hotel on Pompano Beach, Florida and only after minutes together realized they both had a love for bass fishing. It wasn’t long after that, they started to scam up a fishing trip and then called us @ 888 629-2277

Once, they arrived I could tell right away that at least Ernest was a die hard, as he showed up at the Everglades Holiday Park boat ramp with his own rod and reels while on vacation. Just a few minutes on the water with these two I know we would be having a good day together, no matter how the fish decided to bite. Once we arrived at the first location, they both deiced to start out with topwater. It wasn’t like I had to twist there arms either, it was more like two kids with a new video game…did you say…”topwater.”

We fished top water for hours with success, changing to frogs, then to using all kinds of plastics. They both finely settled on the brand new “bass bone” lures I just received. These lures are a wacky style lure and neither angler had ever experienced using wacky lures or anything like this. When it was all said and done, we estimated they caught around 60 largemouth bass with the largest today coming on the last cast of the day by Ernest, it weighted just over 5 lbs.

Really appreciate these guys getting together to fish with us, just proves. Anytime, anywhere, there’s no bad time to be Florida bass fishing in the Everglades!

I look forward to talking fishing with all of you!

Tight Lines,
Capt Todd