For the last two days we were very fortunate to be fishing with Michael Shore and his group of friend from the Dallas, TX area once again. The two days were a whirl wind of laughs and stories to say the least, especially for those guys.

They flew in Friday afternoon to Ft Lauderdale airport, then headed over to the Hard-Rock Casino and Resort in town where we would pick them up at 6am the next morning. This group of fishermen are probably the most versatile group we get to spend time with, they adapt well and just have a lot of fun. This years trip had several highlights, but none more then the “ball gazing games”…and of coarse the big fish that were caught.

On Saturday we headed to a spot known for big fish, but not often fished due to the long dirt road travel to access the fishery. As expected we fished three boats all day long with not a sign of another. The fishing was tougher then I would have like to seen it with the resent rains. It did not help matters that we were dealing with bite blue bird skies also. The one hope I had for the location, was that it would be consistent as in the past and give up a big trophy bass.

Today was no different then most summer fishing days you just had to find the fish, then sloooooow down and fish. That’s what our boat did after a slow period in the morning we got right in the grove. We did miss a lot of fish at first, then we figured out the fish were biting very softly. Around 11am our boat hooked into a monster bass which was pulled drag like crazy and then jumped over the net twice. In the end we landed her and WON the big fish battle. She weighted just around 9lbs, this fish had a 10lb head with a 8lb body and was a very long fish. In the last 10 minutes of fishing Michael hooked into another quality fish, maybe 5 or 6 pounds. It all happen really quick, the fish just jumped and gave him that largemouth bass wave as she came out of the water. I think she simply was giving him a “ball gaze” either way she got off to be caught on another day.

On day two we headed the complete opposite direction, wanting to provide a new experience and at the same time put these guys on more fish. After about a 1 hour ride we arrived with a sprinkle of rain already on us, I was worried knowing the forecast called for 60 present chance of rain. But, as the fish gods quite often do for us they let it rain everywhere but on us today. With the overcast sky’s we started with topwater and as the day goes without staying, we stayed with it all day.

Today worked out pretty good, as the picture shows above everyone caught fish with a couple over 5 lbs and one or two that just took my breath a way when they hit the lure.

All in all, a GREAT bunch of guys to fish with. I really want to thank Michael and his friends for spending a couple of days with us.

I think we had as much fun as I hope all of you did. Till next time, tight lines!

Capt Brett