Today I had the enjoyment and pleasure of fishing with Anna & Alex from Southern Brazil. Why was this trip was so special, well other then the bass fishing being outstanding. It was there honeymoon and while staying in Ft Lauderdale, they decided to go fishing with us at

Alex is very good fishermen coming from Brazil, where he said “the bass are so small and hard to catch.” Today, would be a different story as Alex started off by asking for a bait-casting rod & reel, I said, “are you sure”, he replied yes. Once I handed him our GLoomis rods I seen his eyes get big, followed by a smile of excitement. He proceeded to throw topwater lures, after the first couple of cast I realized Alex was going to have a good day. His accuracy was awesome, and precision long cast continued to pay off cast, after cast.

Anna, on the other hand became Alex’s own personal photographer and laid in the sun most of the day. Alex, had a great day in the Everglades, catching around 50 Florida largemouth bass all by himself using a variety of artificial baits on a 6 hour trip. Not only were there large-mouth caught today, but he had the enjoyment of capturing 6 Florida Peacock Bassalso!

It was a fun filled day on the water with these two, even with a language barrier you knew they were happy by the huge smile on there faces.
Tomorrow the honeymoon couple is off to Orlando, to visit Disney and Universal studio. With Bass Fishing Florida in there blood now, they are going to take two more days to go bass fishing with while in the Orlando area. One day on Lake Toho and the other on the Butler Chain of lakes. I know they will have a great time with our guide.

Anna & Alex, enjoy the rest of your trip and have a great time on the remaining days of your honeymoon.
If your in the area of the Everglades in South Florida and would like to get out and experience true Everglades bass fishing at it’s best! Remember, we also offer fishing in the Orlando area as well as Miami for the hard fighting Peacock bass.

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