Okay, while the Everglades is not actually on fire…the large-mouth bass in the Everglades are in every sense of the word biting like they are.
I had out the Leung family all the way from Pasadena, Ca. It was Raymond, Monica and there daughter Melissa all here for a family wedding, Christmas, New Years and fun family time. One of the things on there list was to better understand the Everglades, it’s history, it’s future and what’s being done to help the vast ecosystem.

I really enjoyed the task at hand, being a big part of the conservation efforts here in South Florida it was my pleasure to answer all of there questions. We did also bass fish for several hours catching over 30 fish and taking plenty of pictures. Raymond had an amazing camera, it stopped birds in there track at full speed. A zoom len that was capable of almost anything you could imagine.

We had a great time, discovering over 25 different birds. Having an up close and personal conversation with a Florida alligator. We had discussions that exposed the flaws in life, as we see it of coarse. As well as the perfections that are commonly overlooked, these are not only things that the Everglades seems to stand for but more importantly make you think about!

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Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Todd Kersey
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