Today was our second day on the water with Shirley and Jessie from Hinsville, GA.

The first day they went peacock bass fishing, which you can fine the under recent reports and they a had a fantastic day. Today they wanted to experience the Everglades and with the recent rains we have had I thought it would slow the fishing down. Boy was I ever wrong, we must of caught 70 fish up to three pounds playing with artificial lures. Shirley and Jessie only wanted to throw lures and let me tell you Shirley can fish really good!

She would put the lures right up in the grass and work it out just right. By the way, on the two days that they where out with me Shirley managed to catch all the big fish.

Sorry Jessie, but I just had to mention it!

Looking forward to seeing them next year…

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt Brett Isackson ( / 888-829-BASS