Hi everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in from…you guessed it! Belle Glade, FL! South east corner of the lake.

Mostly cloudy all day and believe it or not even though we are at the end of April it has been windy lately, blowing towards the north west…we had a cold front today.  It is kind of rare to see the wind blowing in that direction, it is forcing me to fish in areas that I was not planning on fishing. Today we caught some of the best fish of this month. My guests today were Greg Larkin from a town close to Atlanta, Georgia. Greg is normally a fly fisherman so fishing with bait casters and spinning rods was a little out of his comfort zone, we went through 4-dozen shiners by 9:30 a.m. this morning…the action was fast and furious! We caught fish up to 7 pounds, three over 5 and a monster mudfish (or dogfish, whatever you want to call it). It was a good a good day out there, after we were done with the shiners we fished artificial…we caught probably 20 fish but the sizes were nowhere near like the ones we caught on live bait. Tomorrow I will be back at Slims Fish Camp.

Lets see what tomorrow brings, this was Captain Dave Lauer…goodbye!