Another great day on the water! Dennis Kaminski and his family cameout to fish the legendary Lake Okeechobee on February 27th. It wasone great day for all the guys in the family. We had Dennis Kaminskyand his son Nick the Stick and Nick’s 5 year old son Austin! Dennis’brother in law Jim and his son Anthony. Three generations of Kaminskyguys on the boat and man could these guys fish.
We left he dock at 7AM and witnessed a glorious sunrise on the way to”The Honey Hole.” The day started off with a bang as 5 year oldAustin landed a nice bass on his very first cast. It took a littlewhile as he learned how to cast a spinning rod today and by the end ofthe day was an expert at it. Austin ended up catching 8 bass for the1/2 day trip all on his own. There was some serious competitionheating up between the brother in laws. It was fun to watch andlisten to Dennis and Jim ribbing each other all morning and justreally have a great time fishing with their family. Dennis won out inthe long run and landed 36 bass for the day. Jim had a respectable 27bass for the day and was neck and neck with Dennis for most of themorning. Anthony was next with 17. Nick the Stick, he got thatnickname today for his vicious hook setting technique, caught 12 niceones and 4 sets of lips.

That is an even 100 bass for the 1/2 day trip! Our biggest bass forthe day were a couple of 4 pounders, but the action was almost nonstop. Needless to say these guys had a great time and are alreadyplanning there next trip with bassonline. All of the fish werecaught on artificial soft jerk baits. We used the Zoom Flukes, Brushhogs and lizards all rigged Texas style with no weight.

Capt. Mark Gonos
Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt. Mark Gonos ( 888-829-BASS