Hey everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling and it’s Friday August 8th.

Of course the weather, sunny and hot, today we are hardly had a breeze on Lake Osborne. Telling today I had Jeff and George White father and son combo. A fishing competitive family out of Delray Beach again. I had them out Monday, we went to 100 Shiner. Today, we went through (112) one hundred twelve or maybe (120) hundred and it wasn’t so much that they caught them so much on Monday. They had to come back today with ultra light gear and out catch themselves from Monday.

We had the big large-mouth bass of (5) five pounds plus, and today Jordan caught a huge (5-11lb) five eleven peacock bass. Along with numerous (3-1/2lb) three and half and (4lb) four pound, but the (5-11lb) five eleven was the biggest Peacock bassĀ  pictures will follow.

This is Captain Dave signing out for a wonderful day on Lake Osborne!