Bass Fishing from Long Island in Bronx, New York

Hey this is kept in Davey Lauer, today is Wednesday August 27th.

Today, we went out on the Lake Okeechobee with Steven Levy his son Mark from Long Island in the Bronx, New York. They stopped down here to enjoy some of the summer heat day. But anyway and we went out on Okeechobee in the wind was blowing out of the North, first thing this morning, actually, all day, but it was blowing hard out of the north. And we were on the outside Kissimmee grass. We had probably had (12) twelve to (15) fifteen bites in that first hour when the summer lite. We boated only (4) four fish they were missing the bait a lot because the water had muddy up so bad. But we we were still getting strikes and we boated like (4) four fish in the first hour on artificial.

And then we proceeded to pull out the golden delicious and this first 1st spot, we boated (2) two or (3) three fish and then because of the muddy water we moved on. Finally by the end of day we we probably boated another (10) ten fish or so. But it it was a tough bite once the sun got up, that’s all I can tell you!

We did our best for (4) four hours in carrying it on in…Captain Dave signing out!