The last few weeks the fishing has been amazing with lots of big fish and a different adventure every day. Each day is a different day because of weather and wind and if you know the lake you can take advantage of the weather to your favor. Thrue the weather changes my guest were able to catch fish a lot of different ways they fished crank baits and catch 2 at a time to flipping and swim baits and frogs. I have not fished much live bait mostly artificial. I like to take all types of fisherman and share techniques from beginner’s to advanced it is nice when they leave here with new techniques it helps them to enjoy the sport more when they are at home or fishing a nother lake. I have had the pleasure to fish with a lot of nice people and here are some of the pics. This lake is the best there is and if you have not fished this lake give it a try.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt. Mark Shepard ( 888-829-BASS