Wayne Burton trip October 2011

The trip was scheduled for a small lake, but when we got to the turn off to the lake and the road was under water and the parking lot was 2 1/5 feet deep. After some deception we decided to fish another day. Wayne trip was put off for a couple of days, giving me some time to pre fished. On the first cast Wayne hooks up a nice 2 lb black bass and after 5 to 6 cast in a row he hooks up bass after bass. His lucky son in law to be Tommy is trying to keep up and does a pretty good job. The day ends with Wayne telling me he cannot land another fish his hands and arms are cramping, so he could not hold the rod any longer. Total bass of 69 with big fish of the day Wayne 6 1/2 lb’s and Tommy 5 3/4lb’s.
Thanks Guys, looking forward to bass fishing with again.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….

From Staff Writer Capt John Leech (johnl@bassonline.com)

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