WOW what a day, is almost all I can say…Today I had the great pleasure of fishing with Dustin & Sara from Utah. Dustin a avid fishermen for small mouth, King Salomon and heck he’ll fish for also anything that swims. Sara on the other hand said this was only here second time, but let tell you. If that’s the case, Dustin watch out after a few more may in up on the back of the boat because this girl can fish!

Dustin started out with topwater plugs with good success and Sara with soft plastics. They caught fish after fish, Sara held her own. Dustin would gain 3 or 4 and Sara would come back strong, Even taken the lead several times. Bottom line, it was a great day of fishing in the Everglades for these two today.

The water today was in the 80’s, cloud cover off and on all day and even more so in the afternoon. A nice breeze came from the west keeping it very comfortable most of the time. After it was all said and done, I lost count but Dustin said, they top 125 Florida bass today.

I don’t think they know it yet, but theres going to be some sore arms tomorrow…but that’s a great ache to have!

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