Florida Fishing with Chad and Jamie from South Carolina for 3 days

This is Captain Steve reporting for the 3 days fishing I took Chad and Jamie from South Carolina on.

First day and we had when out on St Johns river, talked about it the other night and we ended up going to Rodman Reservoir yesterday. And we ended up catching a few fish up there, it was really, really slick and calm. We didn’t have hardly any wind at all, I guess the hurricane off the coast had to do a little with pulling all the air out of here. It ended up being hot, dry and calm. We did manage to catch a few fish up there, some on wild shiners, caught some schooling on small bait fish.

And then today we were actually scheduled to go to Lake George and we ended up going down to Lake Toho in Kissimmee. We got down there and it was another real, real calm day. We did end up catching some fish on some shiners, caught a few fishing on artificial. The Tapout bait by Bass Assassin in the Junebug color, yep caught a few fish on it. We had to just drag it real slow, like I said…it was calm down there not hardly a ripple on the water anywhere. And that makes that lake a little bit tough to fish, but they still had a great time and they will be back to see us again in March.

Thanks you, Captain Steve!